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Double_Bored, Water-Lubricated Bearing Blocks

Big John Paddlewheel aerators are manufactured to the highest quality standards to provide many years of dependable service in your pond or waste-water treatment facility.

Big John Aerators Provide Excellent Oxygen-TransferWhen concentrations of dissolved oxygen in your pond decline, for example at night, you must have a reliable method of raising the D. O. level in order to prevent fish kills. Big John paddlewheel aerators provide excellent oxygen-transfer rates and create strong current, which improves conditions dramatically in your pond. Our aerators are regularly tested by independent scientists to insure that they are providing the necessary oxygen-transfer rates for proper aeration of your pond.

Can Be Shipped Via Common CarrierBig John aerators are in use not only in the United States, but in many foreign countries as well. They can be used in fresh water or salt water. Our aerators can be shipped via common carrier, so they are available to anyone who needs a dependable, long-lasting aeration product. Call us for information about your specific aeration needs and we will be glad to provide the proper aerator for your application.


New Plastic Aerator


Big John Aerators Introduces the All New Plastic Paddlewheel Aerator

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2-HP Plastic Aerator

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