Big John Aerators Product Line:

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"Little John" Electric Paddlewheel Aerators


1/2 HP Electric Paddlewheel Aerator1/2 HP Electric                                                                        






Little John 1 HP electric Paddlewheel Aerator1 HP Electric






Little John 2 HP Electric Paddlewheel Aerator2 HP Electric






"Big John" Electric Paddlewheel Aerators


5 HP Electric

Big John 10 HP Electric Paddlewheel Aerator10 HP Electric





"Little John" PTO-Driven Paddlewheel Aerator


Little John PTO-Driven Paddlewheel Aerator"Little John" PTO-Driven Aerator






"Big John" PTO-Driven Paddlewheel Aerator


Big John PTO-Driven Paddlewheel Aerator"Big John" PTO_Driven Aerator






Quality Features of Hot-Dipped Galvanized Aerators Manufactured by Big John Aerators:


Quality Features of Big John AeratorsHot-Dipped Galvanized Frames and Rotors

In-Line Gear Motors

Flexible Couplings

Double-Bored, Water-Lubricated Bearing Blocks

Stainless Steel Bearing Journals

Closed-Cell Flotation

Unique Spiral Design


New Plastic Aerator


Big John Aerators Introduces the All New Plastic Paddlewheel Aerator

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2-HP Plastic Aerator

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